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Chestnut Homes is the right choice for you, to build your dream custom luxury home.


Our Journey So Far

Chestnut Homes is a custom building company, specialising in high-end residential homes. Bespoke residential building across Southern Highlands, Camden and South-West Sydney.


Offering a unique service working with you from concept, right through to completion.


Established in 2021, Chestnut Homes is a relative new building company. But by no means are they new to the industry. Chas and Mitch, the partners of Chestnut, have a combined experience of over 40yrs in construction. Highly experienced working on bespoke custom homes builds and custom additions.

Mitch and Chas both have worked in the industry for years and were often frustrated at the standard industry practices and the lack of connection between the builder and the client.


Realising this was a constant issue was one of the biggest driving forces that motivated them to start Chestnut Homes with the aim of fully understanding the clients’ needs, giving them a more personal experience by keeping the builds to a controllable number aiming for quality over quantity.

And that’s why Chestnut Homes was created.

In just a short period of time. Chestnut Homes has grown to a full-time team of 7 and have completed many projects together.

Chestnut Homes has a desire to keep their current construction projects to a minimum. This allows them to be completely involved and hands-on every step of the journey. Allowing full communication with the client and keeping punctual on the build timeline.

Combined with their specialists and contractors that they have developed relationships with over the decades. Chestnut Homes is the right choice for you, to build your dream custom luxury home.



Mitch has 21 years experience working in the construction industry.

He has a carpentry trade background and is a qualified and fully licenced builder with over a decade worth of building supervision and project management experience.


After many years of working for some top local building companies his dream of owning and running his own building company came to life when he teamed up with long time work colleague and friend Chas to conceive Chestnut homes.


The sole focus of the ‘chestnut homes’ idea is to give clients a more personal experience with customer service and quality workmanship a major priority of the business model.

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Chas is a carpenter by trade and has over 20 years experience in all aspects of building and design.


After  working on a large variety of different jobs, he ended up finding a passion for specialising in heritage based design and restoration which he worked on for several years.


For several years of his career, Chas also ventured out as a building and design consultant but was ultimately left unfulfilled, realising the low quality of final product and disconnect from high volume builders.

To build a top-tier building company he knew he was going to have to find the best people. When fate had him cross paths with Mitchel Ames, a long-term work colleague and friend who had built himself up to be one of Sydney’s most esteemed construction managers/supervisors. It was a no-brainer for the pair to go into partnership.

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